Attract New Tenants With These Outdoor Amenities

It goes without saying that the interior of a rental property is the focus of potential renters, however that doesn’t mean no attention gets paid to the outside of the property. Sure, simple upkeep is important to most, but there are some outdoor amenities that will attract renters and when supply is low, this will help your rental to stand out from the rest.

What can you offer in terms of outdoor features/amenities to attract more renters?


1. Parking space(s)

As simple as it sounds, having a parking spot(s) is probably the most important outdoor feature you can offer. Many don’t want to worry about street parking or snow emergency days when they need to be off the street altogether. Offering a parking spot can be a make or break deal. If a covered parking spot is included? Potential renters have hit the jackpot!

2. Shed/Extra storage

Let’s face it we all have a lot of possessions nowadays, but not necessarily enough places to store it all. Having extra storage for renters can be a big plus.

security system

3. Security

This could be as simple as a property having a fenced in yard. However, what can be even more appealing is a security system of some sort. Any extra feeling of safety never hurts.

Well-manicured lawns aren’t the only attractive part of the exterior of a rental property. Offering at least one of these amenities can help boost the interest of potential tenants.