How to Avoid Loss of Income When a Tenant Moves Out

Rental property is a great passive investment: Who wouldn’t want an additional stream of revenue coming in every month?  However, when a tenant moves out, especially if abruptly, landlords can experience a sudden reduction of the flow of income. Prolonged vacancies are a significant opportunity cost and can be even more expensive if the landlord …

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Prevent Freezing Pipes

Tenants, your landlord should be staying ahead of the winter maintenance of your rental, but you are still responsible for keeping up with some important maintenance tips during the cold weather season to keep you warm and safe. When temperatures plummet, the risk of your pipes freezing increases drastically. Frozen pipes create nothing but problems …

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Get Your Property Ready for Winter

Winter is approaching a lot faster than we all want. It is imperative for landlords to prepare their rentals for the cold weather season. Get pre-winter ready with this maintenance checklist. First things first, check your heating system! ​You want to get an inspection of your heating system. Make sure your boiler, furnace or air …

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How to Decrease Tenant Turnover

Tenant turnover in rental properties is not only a cash flow killer, but unfortunately unavoidable. Unless there are certain circumstances, such as, if your tenants are moving because of a job, there are ways to reduce the amount and frequency of vacancies within your rental properties. Follow these tips to attract long-term tenants and avoid …

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