Curb Appeal

First impressions don’t just matter to buyers, they also matter to renters. Think about it… Would you want to live in someplace that doesn’t look nice or isn’t well kept? It also makes potential tenants wonder how the inside of the property may look and may be turned off.

The exterior appearance of your property is more important to potential renters than you may think. Follow these quick and easy maintenance tips to help spruce up your properties look:

1. Mow, mow, mow your lawn

Its as easy as giving your lawn a fresh cut. You’d be amazed how much this helps out the curb appeal.

2. Tidy up your plants

Have a garden or some plants that need some tending to? Manicuring these will not only help to your plants living a longer life, but cosmetically will look great.

3. Clean those gutters

This should be done anyways, but maybe this is a nice reminder for you to do so before you tenants move in. Clogged gutters can lead to damage to your property, rotting flooding staining and so much more.

4. Pressure washing

With New England’s ever-changing weather, our homes can take a beating. Pressure washing to get excess dirt helps for a cleaner, fresher looking property.

These aren’t terribly expensive or time-consuming tasks but can help a great deal when looking for tenants. Keeping up with maintenance consistently, whether its big or small, is a good idea. Just don’t forget to remember that the first thing potential tenants see is the outside of your property.

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