Don’t Be Cheap With Heat!

Read the blog below:

It’s cold outside home sellers and landlords. It is cold. Don’t be cheap. Don’t be putting your heat down at 60 degrees if you have a vacant property. Okay? You’re going to cost yourself money when home buyers come through your property, when prospective tenants come through your property, through your building, through your house, you want them to feel warm and cozy. That 10 degrees, yes, you might save 60 bucks in your heat bill but it’ll cost you an extra month of having a vacant unit or an extra two months, or it’ll cost you an extra month of owning the vacant property if you’re trying to sell it. So, turn your heat up, make it warm and cozy because buyers like that more, prospective tenants like it more and it gives them a better feeling. Remember, people buy on a motion. The better they feel, the more apt they are to buy. That’s my tip for today home sellers and landlords. Good luck.