Don’t Be Cheap With Snow Removal

Read the blog below:

Landlords, don’t be cheap with snow removal. Too often do we run into landlords that say, “The tenants can handle it, the tenants can handle it.” I have news for you, the tenants don’t want to handle it. Most cities and towns have a rule that the snow needs to be removed on the city sidewalks. It’s super important to just do that. I will tell you, I know firsthand from being a landlord, and being a property management company owner, you can charge more if you say you will take care of the snow.

One of the things that you can do is say you will handle three inches or more. That’s something that we’ve done with certain properties, with certain landlords. You can do that. My recommendation is, take care of that. That way, the property is safe. That way, you don’t have tenants slipping and falling and more chances of lawsuits and things like that. You will have better luck renting the property. When a landlord cares for the snow, it tells the tenant or the prospective tenant, remember, it’s like a prospective customer, that the property is cared for.

My recommendation, handle the snow yourself or hire someone to do it. We do both on our properties. Thanks and good luck.