Don’t Lose Money on On-Demand Maintenance

When tenants submit a maintenance request, they typically expect for the issue to be tended to immediately and will get frustrated when it’s not. The delay is typically due to the annual or monthly maintenance schedule that the landlord follows, and he/she might decide that the issue that has been submitted can wait until the next maintenance routine. To help with expectations to keep your tenants happy, putting a public maintenance schedule can be extremely beneficial.

Benefits of a Maintenance Schedule

Having a regular maintenance schedule set up for your rental property has several benefits, including:

  • Eliminates unexpected problems
  • Lowers repair costs since repairs won’t be made on an emergency-only basis
  • Extends the lifespan of appliances, water heaters, HVAC systems and more
  • Addresses any problems before they occur

Short-Term Maintenance Tasks to Consider

  • Garbage collection
  • Landscape upkeep

Long-Term Maintenance Tasks to Consider

  • Building upkeep
  • Paving
  • Law compliant building changes

If you have never set up a maintenance schedule for your rental property, you’ll want to work with qualified vendors and experts to ensure you will receive a price that is within your budget when repairs and other maintenance tasks need to be completed. These experts will be able to help you put together a maintenance schedule that works for you as well as your tenants but the most important is to have a schedule that specifies when common elements will be inspected, adjusted and repaired.

The goal of a maintenance schedule is to maintain and enhance the property to keep tenants happy. By working with Lamacchia Property Management, our team will put together a property maintenance schedule and provide service to your tenants, so you don’t have to. Want to learn more? Give us a call at  (855) 213-3410.