Emergency Call Management

Taking Emergency Repair calls at 2AM sound horrible? Been doing it too long?

Put your phone down and go to sleep or on vacation without feeling like you’re on call.  With us, you’re not- we are.

The days of 24/7/365 tenant service requests are a thing of the past.  Our highly trained staff can handle anything, from a fallen tree to floods, to alarms going off.  Rest easy that we can take care of it for you.

managed property under water

Our tenant services are open all the time.

By clearly defining with you the vendors you trust and prefer to use, by first trying to handling things over the phone to avoid additional fees and keeping costs low, and by maintaining the property efficiently from the start, frequent complaint calls are a thing of the past.

Emergency calls include:

  • Gas or electrical issues
  • Fire, smoke or CO2 alarms
  • Basement or roof flooding
  • Backed up sewer lines or septic problems
  • Anything that presents a clear and immediate safety hazards to the tenant or property.

We take care of the immediate issue and will regroup with you during normal business hours to devise a solution plan that suits you.

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