Eviction Protection Program

Between lost rent, attorney fees & more, an eviction can cost a landlord up to $10,000…

Stop worrying about evictions and let that be Lamacchia Property Management’s problem.

To be frank, there is nothing fun about evictions. Nobody wants to have to evict a tenant, as it can also be extremely time consuming and expensive.

The eviction process is a complicated process that must be done to the letter of the law. If not done correctly, it could last month’s on end… losing you even more income. Be prepared, so when the time comes you are covered!

To the point:

  • Enroll with us in the program
  • Shall an eviction become required, Lamacchia Property Management will take care of all steps to evict the tenant including paying legal expenses.
  • Relax, sit back and don’t worry about the headache, expenses and wasted time that comes with the eviction process.

Don’t let your tenant ruin your cash flow, take advantage of this great program!