Having a Property Management Company Can Cost You Nothing!

Read the blog below:

Wonder how a property management company can cost you nothing? This is exactly how right here. This report was sent to me this morning. I want to show you an example. Few properties, we take care of in Cambridge. Old rent before they came on board with us, 2,000 month. The new rent, 2,300 a month. Another property in Cambridge, 2,500. New rent, 2,800. Both landlords picked up $300 a month which is less than our fees.

They’re still netting more money. Check this one out in Water Town. This was the winner of the month. Old rent when they came on board with us 1,500, new rent 3,250. $1,700 a month in additional rent. Another property in Cambridge 2,300 and 2,350. That one didn’t cover our entire fee, but they’re still happy to get more money only giving up a little bit and having everything covered. From another one in Water Town, 3,200 to 3,400. That’s how it works.

Just so you all know, this one that went from 1,500 to 1,750 the unit got painted and got new floors. That’s it. No major construction. Nothing crazy. That’s how oftentimes property management companies can cause you nothing. We’re in the real-estate business. We have realtors that are experts in working on rentals and getting as much rent as possible on behalf of our realtors. We advertise on several websites. Instead of just one or two because we’re less concerned about getting the entire fee, than we’re about raising the rent. We’re in it for the long haul with our customers and I want to show that to you guys. When I got this report this morning I said, “We need to show this and we need to send it out.” That’s all my friends. If you have additional property management questions, let us know.