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Why You Should Let Us Manage Your HOA

Are you tired of trying to manage your HOA property on your own? Or maybe the manager you have is not up to your standards?

Let our team of experienced HOA management professionals take the burden off your shoulders. We are here to handle everything, from seasonal maintenance and repairs to balancing the budget and ensuring reserve funds are kept in line with local and federal laws.

With Lamacchia Property Management, you can trust that your HOA and property are in good hands.

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HOA Services We Provide:

  • Managing HOA finances and budgeting
  • Enforcing HOA rules and regulations
  • Handling maintenance and repair requests
  • Organizing and facilitating HOA meetings
  • Providing regular communication and updates to HOA owners

Property Maintenance

Lamacchia Property Management manages all day-to-day maintenance with in-house maintenance staff. We do annual safety inspections and regular walk-throughs to be sure the property is up to standards set by the HOA.

Our mission is to take the burden of finding the right contractors and vendors off of the association so you can enjoy the luxuries of living stress-free in your condominium environment. We maintain a comprehensive network of verified contractors to meet every requirement of a homeowners association (HOA).
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Let’s talk about managing your HOA

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On-call Services For Owners

We have a 24-hour service line for emergencies as well as a resident portal for all of your payment and maintenance needs.

Our commitment to providing exceptional service is reflected in our 24-hour service line and user-friendly resident portal. These resources are designed to streamline the process of managing your living experience, offering a convenient way to address all your payment and maintenance requests at any time.

Exterior Landscaping
& Seasonal Maintenance

Snow & ice management, lawncare, etc. and overseeing these services
We manage all maintenance contracts and hold vendors and contractors accountable. Our high volume generally allows us preferred pricing and accountability with these professionals.

This systematic management ensures that our clients receive top-notch service in maintaining the aesthetic and safety of their outdoor spaces, all while benefiting from cost-effective solutions tailored to their needs.
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Interested in learning more about our services?

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Ongoing Maintenance Schedule For Capital Improvement Projects

We always have an eye on upcoming needs so we can plan and budget appropriately. Assessments are never ideal and with proper planning oftentimes they can be avoided.

Our proactive approach to property management involves a constant vigilance towards future requirements, enabling us to plan and budget effectively. By keeping a close eye on the horizon, we anticipate the needs of the properties we manage well in advance, allowing for strategic allocation of resources and financial planning.

Our goal is to maintain the quality and value of the properties under our care without imposing unexpected financial burdens on the community.

Monitoring Common Areas


We are always working to maintain a clean and safe environment. We are proactive and do frequent walk throughs to ensure this is the case.

We are committed to keeping a clean and safe environment, especially in the monitoring of common areas. We adopt a proactive stance in our management approach, conducting regular walk-throughs to ensure that every shared space meets our high standards of cleanliness and safety. We ensure that residents enjoy their common areas with peace of mind, knowing that these spaces are well-cared for.

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Balancing of Budget, Ensuring Enough in Reserves Fund

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We adhere to strict guidelines to make sure there is always enough in the HOA reserves.

Rule 559.511 of the MA state administrative code requires association co-owners to maintain a reserve fund equal to 10% of the association’s current annual budget on a non-cumulative basis, at a minimum.

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Not only is important to have reserves set aside for repairs and updates, it’s the law.

Section 559.205 requires condominiums to maintain a reserve fund for major repairs and replacements of common elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Living in an HOA (Homeowners Association) community offers a hands-off living experience, where the maintenance of grounds, exteriors, and common areas is managed by the association, freeing residents from these responsibilities. Additionally, HOA dues often include access to a variety of amenities that enhance lifestyle and recreational opportunities. These amenities can range from clubhouses, gyms, and recreational areas to specialized facilities like movie & meeting rooms, swimming pools, and even golf courses. This arrangement can be particularly appealing for those seeking a community-oriented lifestyle with the convenience of on-site amenities.

Common rules and regulations enforced by HOAs typically include guidelines around parking, noise levels, construction activities, moving procedures, the use of storage areas, and the utilization of common areas. These rules are put in place to maintain the aesthetic appeal, safety, and overall harmony within the community, ensuring that all residents enjoy a pleasant living environment. By adhering to these regulations, members contribute to the well-being and orderly management of their HOA community.

In Massachusetts, HOA (Homeowners Association) fees can vary widely, with a range that might extend from as low as $0 to as high as $2,500, depending largely on the type and extent of amenities offered and any prior assessments. These fees are pivotal in covering a broad spectrum of services and facilities that enhance the living experience within the community. Typically, HOA fees go towards the maintenance of common areas and the exteriors of buildings, ensuring that landscaping is kept pristine, and providing for the removal of snow during the winter months. Additionally, these fees often include utilities such as heat and water, contributing to the overall comfort of residents. Security measures are also funded through HOA fees, offering residents peace of mind. Beyond these practical aspects, the fees support a variety of amenities, such as clubhouses, gyms, pools, and recreational areas, which enrich the community’s lifestyle.

When an HOA member violates the community’s rules, the consequences depend on the specific regulations outlined in the condominium documents. Generally, the initial response to a violation involves issuing warnings to the member, providing an opportunity to rectify the situation. If the violation persists or is of a serious nature, the HOA may impose fines. These steps are designed to ensure compliance with the community’s standards and maintain the quality of living for all residents. The exact process and penalties can vary from one HOA to another, reflecting the community’s unique guidelines and governance structure.

Yes, HOAs can impose special assessments, which are quite common in managing a community. Just like with owning a home, unexpected expenses can pop up that weren’t planned for in the budget. A well-run HOA will have a reserve fund saved up for these unexpected costs. However, if there isn’t enough money saved or if the reserve fund is empty when an unexpected expense arises—like for maintenance issues, legal fees, or other sudden costs—the HOA may need to ask its members to pay a special assessment. This helps the HOA cover these expenses and keep the community running smoothly.

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We Are Here to Help Your HOA or Condo Association Be Successful

Lamacchia Property Management company is committed to helping condo associations and HOAs be more successful. We pride ourselves on being there for our clients through thick and thin – from managing your association’s day-to-day operations, strategic planning initiatives/suggestions or providing guidance when it comes time for repairs that need attention outside of normal maintenance issues like plumbing leaks.

If you’re looking into how best to handle property management services or manage your HOA, then LPM might just have the answer! Get back to living your life as usual.