How Landlords Can Prepare For Moving Season

Summer and fall are both busy seasons for moving. As a landlord, you have to be prepared for the ebbs and flows that come with new tenants. You’ll likely experience a much higher number of new tenants during the busy moving seasons than you do in the winter or spring. Whether you’ve been a landlord for years or this is your first year, being prepared before that busy season hits is essential! Below are some tips to help you have a successful moving season.

Get Your Documents in Order

The documents you use to filter through potential tenants and to make things official with new tenants are so important. Having the right documents in order ensures both the tenant and the landlord have a good understanding of what to expect out of the rental situation. Prepare a rental application before the busy season so you can assess potential tenants. This application should include income verification, references from past landlords, and any other important information you’ll need.

Once someone has filled out their application and you’ve decided to rent to them, a lease has to be signed. Leases include all the details about what’s allowed and not allowed to happen in or around the rental property. Your lease should also include clear details about when rent is due, how much it is, and what happens if the tenant doesn’t pay on time. Review the lease thoroughly with each tenant before you each sign, agreeing to the terms stated in the lease.

Draft Move-in Instructions

A document with move-in instructions isn’t required, but it’s always a good idea! This should include details about how your new tenant will get their key, and when they can move in. It’s also helpful to include where they’re permitted to park, and what hours of the day they’re allowed to move in larger items that may cause a sound disturbance to their neighbors. Send the move-in instructions over a few days before the scheduled move-in date to give your renter plenty of time to read them and ask any questions they have.

Delegate Tasks

There’s a surprising amount of work that goes into being a landlord. From finding new tenants to fulfilling maintenance requests and so much more, it’s a full-time job and then some! Busy season is a great time to start delegating your tasks as a landlord to a professional leasing company. You’ll still own the property and get to enjoy the passive income that it generates, but you won’t have to worry about any of the tasks that come along with it! Delegating your work to a professional company lowers the risk of mistakes being made and frees up more of your time!

Contact Lamacchia Property Management

With the help of a professional property management company, you can enjoy passive income while allowing someone else to coordinate these tasks for you. At Lamacchia Property Management, we help with everything from finding new tenants, to providing maintenance and repairs to your property, and beyond. Contact Lamacchia Property Management today to learn more about property management services for your rental property before busy season is over!