Finally, you have scored your dream property and you were able to rent it. Your dream can very easily turn into a nightmare if you are not able to have a good relationship with your landlord. The last thing you want as a tenant is to be at odds with your landlord. Not getting along can become a burden. Not to mention, there will come a time during your tenancy when you need something and when that happens you want your landlord to act in your favor. So, here are some great and useful tips on how to maintain good relations with your landlord. Don’t underestimate the importance and value of this relationship, because later on, it might come back to bite you.


Make sure your rent is always paid on time

The sole purpose of having tenants on your property is to make money. Thus, if it’s is missing or being late, you might be in the tenant’s dog house right away. The perfect timing for paying rent is a few days before your payment deadline. We cannot emphasize enough how crucial paying rent is. Being late will make you look irresponsible and untrustworthy. No landlord wants to chase their tenants for payments. This is something that can infuriate landlords.

However, sometimes you might have a big problem and you must be late with your payment. If that occurs, make sure you notify your landlord right away and make them aware of how late you will be with your payment. Next month you may want to pay up early to show gratitude and to make up for your tardiness during the previous month.

Cleaning supplies

Your rental property should shine

Keeping the property nice and neat is your duty as a tenant. If you are wondering how to maintain good relations with your landlord, this will go along way. Next to timely rent payments, landlords love tenants that maintain their property as if it was their own. Also, this is a great way to be on track to receive back your full security deposit. How you decorate the place is your business, as long as you do not cause any damage. On the other hand, good hygiene is most certainly your responsibility.

Be open and above board

If your contract clearly states that you shouldn’t have pets, don’t try to sneak in your four-legged furry friend in your new rental. That is not operating in good faith. Be sure you understand that landlords do not like disputes with tenants, as much as you wouldn’t like to dispute with them. Be fair and follow the terms of your agreement. Once your landlord realizes that you are a good tenant they will surely do their best to be the perfect landlord. There is no better way to maintain good relations than to keep your word.

Be grateful, even when maintenance is expected

Of course, it is your landlord’s responsibility to maintain the property. However, it doesn’t hurt to show gratitude when they do. For instance, when your landlords decide to upgrade your garage door, squeeze in a thank you note with your next rent check. This way you will not only maintain good relations, but you will also motivate an even better upkeep of your property.

Maintain good relations with your neighbors

Before anything else, be respectful to your neighbors. If you are too loud or if your yard is not being kept nice and pretty, be sure that your neighbors will make the call to your landlord. Your landlord will not be amused. Being friends is not a must, but being kind and nice should be. In other words, treat them the same way you want to be treated and you will be fine.

Be helpful when new tenants are in the picture

One thing that landlords try to avoid is an empty property. Not only are they not making money, but they are also losing it by maintaining the property and not having any influx of funds. Before anything else, give your landlord a notice as soon as you know that you will be moving out. After you do so, be available when the property needs to be shown. If you are happy with your landlord and your soon to be ex-home, throw in a good word. It can’t hurt! Of course, keep your home presentable. Nobody wants to see a mess when looking for their future home. Tenant turnover is very important to your landlord. Even a recommendation will help you maintain good relations all the way to the end of your renting agreement.


Keep lines of communication open

Connecting with your landlord is, in a way, like making it work with your roommate. Open and honest communication is very important. There is no reason to be rude or impolite. Even if you are unhappy with something, let your landlord know in a normal and polite way. Don’t pretend that you aren’t home or dodge your landlord’s phone calls. When there is a problem, tackle it right away and get it over with. It is just like the ripping off a Band-Aid. It might not be comfortable, but afterward, you will feel much better.

Put yourself in your landlords’ shoes

Sometimes saying thank you and being grateful is just what the doctor ordered. Also, the tone of how you communicate is sometimes more important than what you actually have to say. In the end, think about what you would expect from your tenants if you were a landlord. That is a great way to balance yourself and maintain good relations with the person who opened their property to you. Kindness and niceness are appreciated by all.