Joseph Luis Diaz

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Joseph Luis Diaz

Property Management and Development Administrative Assistant


what made you want to join lamacchia property management?

“I was searching for a field which suited my skill set and which I felt I had some grasp on before entering. The hiring process and interactions with Lamacchia employees was the real selling point. They were respectful of my time, kind, and communicated openly with me about job requirements, company culture, benefits etc.. This initially pleasant and professional interaction really sold me on pursuing employment with the company.” 

Outside of Work I Enjoy:

“I spend most of my free time practicing Muay Thai, writing my currently untitled science fiction novel, and doting on my niece.” 

My Favorite Sports:


Favorite Part of My Job:

“I enjoy the organizational aspect of my work, whether it be working on specific items or ensuring clear lines of communication between agents, clients, and other staff. Cataloguing and organization is a task which not many people find themselves drawn to, but to do so as to relieve others of the burden is a particular point of pride and joy. I’ve worked in many places where easily avoidable issues were exacerbated by miscommunication or a complete lack there of and I like removing that barrier.”