Landlords, Should You Allow Pets?

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Anthony: Pets, should you allow them in your units? I think the answer to that is it depends on what type of pet and it depends if you can tolerate a little bit of wear and tear. I will tell you something though. Real estate is a supply and demand business. Follow me here. Most landlords say no pets. What does that mean? The amount of units that will allow pets, it drives up your rent value.

I lived in a property for about three years when we were building our home and people next door to us had a dog. They paid an extra $175 a month, I remember like it was yesterday. It was a nice property so they’re able to charge that but the landlord charged them an extra $175 a month just because they had a dog and it wasn’t even a big dog.

Think about that, also know that you can put restrictions in the lease or you can specifically name the pet. You can say the tenant is allowed to have whatever a golden retriever up 92 pounds or something like that. Maybe I’m stretching it with the weight thing but my point is you can specifically mention their pet and you can put in no other pets are allowed unless the landlord is notified and approves it but it’s something you should consider.

I’d say be more careful about it. If it’s a unit above someone else and one of the older properties where if a dog’s running through with something like that people might be able to hear it more especially if there are no carpets. It is something that I recommend considering if you can put up with a little bit of wear and tear. Also, you can tell tenants point-blank “Hey listen, I’m going to I’m going to be a little more strict with that security deposit because I’ve got to make sure that unit is ready to rent”.

You’d be surprised people love their pets. Some people love their pets more than their children. I don’t, I only have fish but people do love their pets. I hope that helps and hope it clarifies things for you. Let us know if you have questions.