Let Lamacchia Property Management ensure your rental property's landscape is meticulously maintained

As a landlord, ensuring your landscape is well-maintained is important for several key reasons beyond just curb appeal. Neglecting your lawn can lead to rodent infestations, posing a significant risk to your investment property. A well-kept exterior not only facilitates renting out the property more quickly but also potentially at a higher rate, as it enhances the property’s value. Moreover, a maintained landscape can encourage tenants to take better care of the property. Additionally, in certain cases, cities may issue fines for failing to maintain your landscape, adding another incentive for regular maintenance. 

Let us and our team of contracted landscapers keep your outdoor space inviting, relaxing and free from hassle.

lawnmower cutting grass at rental property in Waltham MAThe landscape services provided by our trusted landscape contractors:  

  • Grass and lawn care 
  • Seasonal clean up 
  • Tree and shrub care 
  • Fertilization 
  • Seasonal flowers 

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