Adapting to a new apartment, whether this is your first or your tenth can seem overwhelming. Many times, people don’t feel as though its their home. This is more normal than you think. Just because you don’t own the place doesn’t mean it can’t feel like your home.

home sweet home

Here are some tips to help overcome this feeling and to make the space all your own:

1. Clean

Your landlord or the property manager should have already had the apartment thoroughly cleaned, but it doesn’t hurt to give it another good cleaning to make sure. This will also make you feel better about knowing that someone else lived here before you.


Many keep their belongings packed because they either don’t use that stuff too often or they put it off because it may not be a priority. Don’t! Unpack it all. Just as if this were you own house that you would be living in for years and years, you should make sure that everything is out of those boxes. Plus, who wants to keep stuff packed up?

3. Make it yours

Personalize the space by decorating it to your style. Like the cozy feel, maybe farmhouse chic? Make it yours!

4. Treat yourself

Splurge a little bit on a piece of furniture or just something new for you and your apartment.

5. Memories

Make them. This will happen over time, but throw a house warming or apartment warming party to get things started.

Getting accustomed to your new home happens over time, not overnight, but by following these tips you can make it happen sooner rather than later