Mike McGrory Named Vice President of Lamacchia Property Management

Today Anthony Lamacchia announced that Mike McGrory was appointed to the most senior position at Lamacchia Property ManagementMike is now the VP of Property Acquisitions, Development and Management for both Lamacchia Development and Lamacchia Property Management. Mike started with the company in the fall of 2008 and has excelled in the many positions he has had.  

“Our Property Management company has seen healthy growth over the last year and with the market changing, we expect a lot of growth in the months to come. It was time to have one person in charge of it and I knew that it had to be MikeMike has started several new business lines for us over the years and there is just so much cross over from the Development company that it just made sense. I have no doubt that he will take this already well-run company to even higher levels,” stated Anthony Lamacchia Owner and CEO of Lamacchia Companies.  

In late 2018, Mike had created and launched Lamacchia Realty’s Offer Now Program after a year of having a vision of how it would work. He then worked with Anthony Lamacchia to get Lamacchia Development up and running to properly renovate properties and turn them around to sell them.  His work with the Development company is what created a lot of cross-over with Lamacchia Property Management since that company has a lot of the tools, tradesman, and experience to get the jobs done. 

I am really excited to get involved in property management. I have always been interested in this line of business and I am looking forward to bringing some of my ideas and industry experience to improve an already successful branch of Lamacchia Companies. LPM has many overlaps with our young Development company and the two should complement each other well! –Mike McGrory, VP of Property Acquisitions, Development and Management for both Lamacchia Development and Lamacchia Property Management  

Mike’s assistant Angela Ravesi who also helps him coordinate product purchases, contracts and permitting will also take a very active role with Lamacchia Property Management and its Landlords and Tenants.  Angela started as a Realtor with Lamacchia Realty over two years ago and has a lot of rental experience, so she has a keen understanding of the wants and needs of both tenants and landlords.  

“I can’t wait to hit the ground running with Lamacchia Property Management! I love all areas of real estate, but Development and Property Management are where I feel I can bring a greater value and skill set. My focus will be to build strong relationships and bring a positive experience with both Landlord and Tenants. LPM is already a successful division of our company and I am just excited to be a part of  it and help bring it to new levels of success!”Angela Ravesi 

Since its inception in 2017, Lamacchia Property Management has been assisting landlords with managing their properties in all aspects including financial, tenant, maintenance and emergency assistance around the clock in Massachusetts.  Other team members who have contributed significantly and who will still be involved include, Sarah Chaisson, Adam Pasciscia, Mike Phinney, and Christin Piccirilli 

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