Painting will Increase your Rent!

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Anthony Lamacchia:

Landlords want to rent your properties faster and get more rent. I will tell you the most inexpensive way to do that. The most inexpensive way to get the most bang for your buck, and that is this, very simple, guys. Painting equals more money. Our rental agents are always saying this. I hear it around the office, I hear it in our Property Management meetings. They say, “Well, we’re telling that landlord to paint the unit. This landlord won’t paint, ” or “This landlord did just paint the whole unit and it’s renting for more.”

We actually have several painters that work for our property management company, and some of them are just on a schedule. They go into units when tenants turn over and we get them repainted. Remember, the cost of one month or two months lost rent is probably similar to what it’d cost to paint the unit. Keep it fresh, keep it shiny. It gives it a really clean feel. Paint your units. Thanks, guys.