Property Performance Reporting

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Property Performance Reporting gives landlords the information they need to know how well the property is being maintained.

Landlords should know how the property is performing financially.  This information lets landlords know how much it’s costing to run the property in terms of maintenance, income, and more. With us you will have 24/7 access to your property information through an online portal.

LPM will provide you with a quarterly report with the following:


These reports include a balance sheet, income statement, and a general ledger.  Knowing your bottom line helps clear up where improvements need to made, if any, to increase the income on your property.


This gives a general overview on timelines for each lease, when they’re ending, if there are any delinquencies, vacancies, or tenants that would like to renew their lease.  Knowing where you stand with your tenants helps understand the bottom line for the near future.


The building conditions directly affect tenant satisfaction and your bottom line.  These reports track maintenance expenses, inspection scheduling and requirements, complaint requests, and where the most money is going.  Not only does this paint a picture of how well the property is performing, but it tells landlords how well the property management company is performing as well. 


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