Rent Collection

Excited for Rental Income? You need the checks first.

The best part of an income property is the income! 

The complicated part is collecting it with enough time to pay your own expenses.  Here’s where we come in.  We can help to ensure that your tenants will pay on time every month.  By screening your tenants, establishing a clear and concise set of expectations and payment policy, rent will not be something you need to worry about.

person writing a check for property management rent

Here are the steps Lamacchia Property Management takes to get you paid on time.

·   LPM uses an online portal so tenants can pay their rent with a click of a button.  They can set up recurring payments so they don’t ever have to be late again. 

·  LPM gives the option to collect postdated checks from tenants which will be deposited into our account as soon as it is received.

·  Our tenant screen process ensures they are reliable and have the means to pay their rent on-time.

·  Every late payment accrues a fee, which reinforces timely payments

·  Our top-notch service to tenants ensures they’ll never feel the need to withhold rent

 ·  We establish a clear rent collection policy that is upheld.

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