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Need Help Renting? We've got you covered.

Lamacchia Property Management provides landlord assistance from finding a tenant to collecting rent, round the clock customer service, and the highest level of care.

Whether you are a landlord of one or many investment properties, we are here to take the work off you. We will make sure your properties are managed correctly and your tenants are treated fairly. .

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I pay to a Property Management Company to manage it for me?

A property management company will be able to free up your time, streamline your business, and take care of those pesky tasks you don’t want to spend another minute dealing with. Not sure if hiring a property management company is worth it? Here are some benefits.

What are some of the reasons I would want to use a Property Management Company?

Most landlords take on the role of being a property manager by themselves or with the help of an employee. Overtime, when additional properties are purchased and things get busy, landlords need more help managing each property as well as their tenants. When this happens, a property management company can be a huge asset.

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