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Management Services

The best part of an income property is the income!
Rent Collection

Excited for rental income? You need the checks first.

Our tenant services are open all the time.
Emergency Call Management

Taking emergency repair calls at 2AM sound horrible? Been doing it too long?

We understand
Tenant Complaints + Inquiries

Constantly getting repair requests? ​

Vetting of tenants, rent increases etc.
Leasing & Renewals

Financial Services

We have the expertise to handle any and all security deposit related issues and concerns
Security Deposit Management

Handling security deposits is just one of the many tasks that we take off your hands, helping you save time, effort, and potentially money.

LPM will provide
you with a quarterly report
Property Performance Reporting

Property Performance Reporting gives landlords the information they need to know how well the property is being maintained.

They cover the expenses for maintaining common areas
Payment of Common Area Expenses

What ARE Common Area Expenses?

Interior & Exterior Services

Do you need something small fixed or upgraded?
Maintenance and Repair

No repair is too small

Highly skilled professionals
Contracting Repairs

Proactive Property Management keeps the complaints away and protects your investment.

LPM assesses the condition of your rental property on a regular basis.
Inspection of Properties

We assess the condition of your rental property with thorough home inspections.

Maintain a well-kept landscape at your rental property.

We ensure your rental property's landscape is meticulously maintained.

Snow removal services & tips
Snow Removal

Stay home and let Lamacchia Property Management handle snow removal