Snow Removal

Stay home and let us clear the snowy paths for your tenants!

Keeping the tenants of your investment properties happy and safe is extremely important, especially during the cold winter months. New England winters can be unpredictable and the most dreaded thing on most landlords’ minds is SNOW! If haunting thoughts of breaking your back shoveling heavy wet snow at your investment properties is keeping you awake at night, fear not, the Lamacchia Property Management snow removal team is here to help.

Our Snow Removal Process

As snow begins to accumulate to about 2-3 inches our team gets caffeinated, loads up the plow truck, and hits the road to begin our rounds. We hit each property at least once during the middle of the storm (sometimes more depending on size and duration of the storm). Then once the storm ends we make our final rounds to complete a nice tidy clean up. We plow driveways, leaving precise clean edges. We shovel all steps and walkways, making sure all means of egress are safe and clear for your tenants and visitors. We even have a commercial grade snow blower for those driveways and walks that are too hard clean with the plow.

If you’re interested in learning more about our snow removal services or receiving a free estimate, please contact us today at (855) 213-3410.

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