Spring Rental Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

It’s that time of year again – spring cleaning! An opportunity for one to improve upon their organizational skills, dive deep into an exterior cleaning spree, and get their home looking new again after a bitter New England winter.

Senior couple watering seedlings in their Leominster garden

The fresh Spring air is also a nice reminder for Landlords to inspect their rental property. While maintenance should be kept up throughout the year, there are some Spring-specific tasks that would be best done during this time of the year.

Complete these must-do Spring tasks to ensure your tenants’ safety and protect your investment:

Inspect roof

Your roof is a huge investment and must be treated as such. Our harsh New England winters can cause damage to one’s roof so it’s important to be on top of it (pun intended) and make sure no harm was done during the cold months.

Clean gutter and drains

It’s very important to maintain clean gutters and drains as it’s the one way that unwanted water gets rerouted away from your house. Staying vigilant will help prevent extensive water damage to your property.

Spruce up your landscape

Curb appeal is important to tenants so make sure that your property looks appealing and works efficiently. Beautify that front entrance by adding some flowers or shrubs – a little goes a long way when it comes to making those visit the property, live in, or simply drive by feeling welcome.

Test air conditioning

With Summer around the corner, you want to be sure that your air conditioning is working properly. Simply clean the filters and make sure everything is working as it should – you’ll thank yourself on that 96-degree day. Schedule an A/C service to come out if you notice any problems or would like an experienced technician to check your A/C system.

Clean foundation vents

It never hurts to check any and all foundation vents, especially from the debris that the Fall and Winter months bring.

Checking Screen Doors and Windows

You may want to keep those windows wide open once the warmer weather creeps in so be sure your windows are in working condition and your screens are intact as this could also become a safety concern.

Inspect Driveways/ Paths for Damage

Keeping a close eye to exterior hardscapes and the driveway is important. As we have mentioned before, safety should be your top concern and that includes the exterior of your rental property. If you notice a pothole in the driveway or a break in the pavers within your walkway, those are things you need to get fixed.

Checking Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

Time to get your irrigation system turned on if you have one. You want to ensure everything is inspected (values, controller settings, water pressure etc.) and working properly. While you’re at it, make certain to turn any outdoor spigots on and reconnect hoses.

These Spring tasks should be a must-do every year to guarantee your rental property is in working order or to address any issues before they become a bigger problem. Tenant safety and protecting your investment property should be top priority and this simple checklist can help!

If you’re finding that the extra work being a landlord entails is too daunting, or you just don’t have the time, hiring a professional property management team is a great investment and another way to maximize your profits. Call Lamacchia Property Management if you’re ready to leave all the time-consuming matters to an expert while focusing your time on the continuous expansion of your investment portfolios.