Suburban Rental Costs

We can all agree that Boston area rent is expensive! Many find it discouraging as they venture out on their rental search. With rental prices Downtown being extremely high, they have been pushing people a little further out from the center of the city for years. What this is doing is causing a rippling effect on other neighborhoods which now are in higher demand.  As demand increases and supply is consumed, rent prices inflate and we are seeing that in areas that used to be a lot more affordable.

We wanted to see how comparable Boston rents were to the suburbs (we chose to look up average rent for the towns in which we have offices).

According to CafeRent, the average monthly rent and square footage for our office towns are as follows:

  • Leominster: $1,073 – 885 sq ft
  • Norwood: $1,963 – 900 sq ft
  • Waltham: $2,356 – 977 sq ft
  • Westford: $2,298 – 1,102 sq ft
  • Woburn: $2,055 – 943 sq ft
  • Worcester: $1,425 – 818 sq ft

Renting in the suburbs is more affordable and typically more spacious. You do tend to get more for your money when living in suburbia compared to the city life. Depending on what amenities you need, such as public transportation, can be a big deciding factor as to where would be the best fit for you and your lifestyle. You may be pleasantly surprised at how many suburbs have a commuter rail.  Keep in mind what you may save in rent money may be filtered into commuting costs and it may take longer to get to work, but again there are pros and cons to living in the city versus suburban areas- it’s about what best fits your lifestyle.

Who to Call

If you’re looking to find a place to rent, or if you have a property for which you’d like to find a tenant, contact the Lamacchia Realty Rental Department.  We make the rental process easy and streamlined, help take care of all the paperwork, and work hard to make sure that the rental and the renter are a perfect match.