Summer Property Maintenance Issues and Dealing With Them

rental property repairs and maintenance servicesSummer is a beloved season for many of us who soak up the sun and amplify our outdoor activities. However, this fun is coupled with the responsibility of summer property maintenance issues. It’s important to seize this moment and inspect our homes for any problems and make necessary repairs. In this article, we will explore the most common summer property maintenance issues and guide you through tackling them efficiently.

Roof and gutters are the number one summer property maintenance issue

property repairs and maintenanceSummer is the ideal time to address any issues with your roof and gutters. It’s essential to prepare for the upcoming winter by thoroughly inspecting your roof’s structure to identify any damaged or missing tiles that need fixing. Don’t wait until it’s pouring rain to repair a broken roof; it’ll be far more challenging and expensive. Additionally, clear out any leaves and debris from your gutters to ensure rainwater flows without causing any costly damage.

Take care of the trees, flowers, and shrubs

In the midst of summer, your plants require extra care as they tend to get dehydrated due to the heat. One effective way to tackle this is by adding a layer of 2-3 inches of mulch to the planting bed. Retaining water in the soil will help keep your plants healthy while also reducing your utility bills – a win-win situation for both you and the environment. To further enhance the aesthetics of your property, ensure that the grass is regularly trimmed and paths and walkways are kept free of weeds. Neglecting these simple tasks can lead to unwanted growth and a less-than-perfect appearance.

Dealing with pests

Pest infestations can occur on any property during summer, regardless of its cleanliness. As the warm weather sets in, pests like wasps and bees tend to build their nests in attics or under roofs. It’s crucial to regularly inspect and monitor your property for any pest activity. Additionally, ants are common summertime intruders, so thoroughly examine your home for any gaps in windows, walls, and doors and promptly address them. Don’t let pests take over your summer. Stay proactive and keep your property pest-free.

Pool maintenance

property maintenanceDuring summertime, pools get a lot of use for obvious reasons. That’s why you need to check and maintain your pool regularly for safety and cleanliness. You need to inspect the pool pumps and vacuums to ensure that they are in good working condition. Also, don’t forget to check the chlorine levels regularly. As pools can be very expensive, replacing or even repairing them might put a big strain on your budget, so maintain yours with care. 

Fire safety

property maintenance issues

As temperatures rise, it’s crucial to take steps to protect your property from fires. Keep it safe by removing flammable items, pruning bushes, and clearing dead plants. Additionally, set your sprinklers to keep your lawn fresh and hydrated.

While summer barbeques are fun, it’s important to ventilate and move your grill away from your house after use. Don’t overlook fire safety when maintaining your property this season.

General summer property maintenance tips

Maintaining your current property is always a wise decision, even if you plan on finding a new home with the help of experts like superiormovinginc.com. To ensure that your home stays in pristine condition this summer, follow these helpful tips:

  • Clean the areas that are used the most during the summer such as patios, balconies, or decks. 
  • Clean all the windows, since they can be very dirty due to rain and dust. Don’t forget to wash your window screens as well and let the sun come into your house. 
  • Your air conditioner can cause one of the common summer property maintenance issues, especially if you use it a lot. Consider getting your AC serviced on time or you might see your air conditioner break down when you need it the most. 
  • And finally, during summer, we all tend to stay outside a little longer than usual. That’s why you need to ensure that your pathway is illuminated and that exterior lighting is working properly. 

Maintaining your property during the summer season may seem hassle-some and tedious. But investing a little time and effort in maintaining your property can help you avoid considerable issues. Our guide offers smart suggestions and tips for maintenance that will keep your property looking its best. Although professional maintenance services are an option, taking care of your property can be a fulfilling task. Let’s invest time and show love to our properties this summer!