Tips for Handling Property Inspections for Tenant-Occupied Units

In a perfect world, tenants would inform their tenants when issues first occur but that’s not always the case. By performing regular property inspections, you’ll be able to catch these issues and make any repairs before they turn into major problems, saving you time and money. If you’re used to only carrying out property inspections in between tenants, it’s time to start scheduling random inspections throughout their lease! By following the correct protocol and respecting the tenants’ space, you’ll be able to inspect the space and make any necessary repairs rather painlessly.

Give the Tenant Proper Notice of Inspection

Even though you own the rental property, the unit itself is the home of your tenant and giving them proper notice of any inspections is crucial. Make sure to always give the tenant written notice and outline the day and time in which the inspection will be taking place and what the inspection will entail. In Massachusetts, landlords must give tenants 24-hour notice before entering the unit but if it’s a scheduled inspection, we suggest giving the tenant as much notice as possible since it is their place of dwelling.

Encourage Your Tenants to be Present

Once you’ve informed your tenants of an upcoming inspection, the next step is to encourage them to be present! This allows you to discuss any issues with them immediately and makes them feel more confident that their possessions are safe. Most tenants are pleased when landlords are proactive about inspecting the property and feel better about paying rent when the property is well taken care of.

Whether or not the tenant is present during the inspection, be sure to ask them if they’ve been experiencing any problems or issues with the unit so that you are prepared going into the inspection!

Give Your Tenants Details about the Inspection

When you inform your tenant of an upcoming inspection, reiterate why it is so important for you to be doing the inspections and how it benefits both all parties. If you’re doing an inspection for a specific reason, such as servicing the HVAC system, checking structural integrity, or a systems check, let them know!

Document All Issues

If any issues do arise during your inspection, it’s crucial to document them in writing and visually. When confronting your tenant about the issues you came across, always submit them in writing and follow up with a conversation to avoid any issues in the future.

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