Welcome Package For Your Tenants

As we have mentioned before being a landlord is a job and a business. You want to make sure you are doing all you need to as the owner and going the extra mile to show your tenants you care. What better way to do this than a nice welcome package for them. You can get as creative as you’d like, spend as little or a much as you’d like, but it will be appreciated more than know.

Here are some ideas as to what to include. Remember, the list can go on and go and feel free to be as creative as you’d like!

Basic Welcome Package

Put together some basic information into a binder such as:

  • Emergency and maintenance contact numbers
  • Payments
  • Parking
  • Trash, laundry and mail
  • List of utility companies
  • Map of the town featuring grocery store, public transportation etc.

We suggest that you create this binder for every new tenant you have. This will help to eliminate any questions and help set some expectations that they will be able to hold onto throughout their lease. However, you can always step up your game and add some other special surprises for them.

The Essentials Package

  • Toilet paper
  • Soap
  • Laundry money or detergent
  • Basic cleaning supplies

The Upscale Package

  • Gift cards to a local restaurant, grocery store or coffee shop
  • Activities for kids: puzzles, coloring books, a board game
  • Toys for pets

As we know, moving day isn’t always the most fun. Make your tenants first day a little less overwhelmed by welcoming them with some of these ideas. It will show them you care about their experience in their new home. Small thoughtful gestures go a long way and sadly aren’t done as much as one would like. Stand out from the rest because it doesn’t cost much to do so!