Why DIY Landlords Should Ask for Help

Landlords wear a lot of hats from property owner to marketing expert and repair man. This work adds up quickly and can be difficult to balance and find time for other important tasks. As a landlord, we know that if there was a better way to manage it all, you would take it.

Where does that leave Lamacchia Property Management?

As a property owner, taking on the responsibilities and financial obligations of a landlord isn’t always feasible. With professional property management, you are able to outsource the tasks that take up too much time and focus on the aspects of your business that matter most to you. Our team at Lamacchia Property Management goes beyond helping freeing up your time.

1. Stay up to date with landlord-tenant law

From creating rental agreements to screening policies and security deposits, understanding the laws the come into play when renting out your rental property can get confusing. Having a team of to help you stay up to date with these laws and ensure you comply with them is crucial.

Laws vary from state to state so having a property manager located in the area your property is located is ideal. They will be able to act on your behalf when you can’t be there and can create the agreements you need between yourself and your tenants.

2. Manage out of town rentals

If you’re a landlord that owns rental properties that are out of town, you know that managing them long-distance can be challenging. At Lamacchia Property Management, we eliminate those challenges you face by marketing the property and finding tenants, put together the correct paperwork, and handle any issues that come up along the way.

3. Communicate with tenants for you

Having open communication with your tenants is the key to reducing tenant turnover rate and eliminating major issues with the property itself. From issues with the thermostat to a clogged drain and even larger issues such as a burst pipe, good communication with the tenant can help get these issues resolved faster. Say goodbye to middle of the night calls and say hello to invaluable tenant communication!


Are you ready to start utilizing property management services for your rental properties? Give our team a call today at (855) 213-3410.